Free the Owl - Jacqueline Connelly - Trash Rat Winner



Unititled - Ella Knight - Worn Issues Winner



Tulip Fields - Belinda Holloway












Butterfly Garden - Trish Newham

(apologies to Trish, this artwork was previously incorrectly attributed on our website).


Light After The Water is Gone - Dan O'Toole


Hatching Secrets -Natasha Milenovic


Intersection - Mark Buckland





Courting Couple - Kathy O'Hara


1929 Indian - Trevor Jones



Cro Lights - Cat & Rons Artistic Products







A Bundle of Birds - Suzi Tyson



I Made You a Mixed Tape Dear - Dave Williams






Full Colour - Nicholas Colbourne

All Terrain Chicken Drone - Rian Taylor






Australian Lilies - Albuera St Primary School








Blue Thong Tuna - Mark Lleonart


Don't Talk - Sue Holm



Electric Racket Ukelule - Scott Lleonart





Crazy For Tea - Zefi Famelis


Miss Cable Beach - Nick Adams


The Artful Jellyfish - Carolyn Poortenaar











Harpy Carpy - Cat & Ron's Artistic Products