2017 Exhibition Images

AFT official photographer was Amy Brown Photography


21st Centry Dolls - Pirjo Juhola      Making a Point - Brian Looker














Balancing Horse & Copper Horse - Nick Adams (salvaged aluminimum cable)












Asunder and Cut & Paste - Mark Buckland (wood offcuts)














Autumn Echo - Jacqui Kingsley (eco dying and repurposed clothing)











Leafy Seadragon & Crayz Carolyn Audet














Untitled - Everlyn Murry (magazine mosaic)


Elephant Mosaic - Cherlynn Rainbird












Girl on Surfboard - Carolynn Flynn


The Minatours Playground- Mark Healy & Danielle Leigh Gibbs



Vase - Cherlynn Rainbird (bubble wrap & paper)














Mosaica Dresser - Sue Croger

Suzie's Fence - Sue Croger














Blue Willow Tea - Sue Croger












Netherby - Richard Skinner




Heater Lamp - Helen Watson










Light Series - Dan O'Toole











Cruising the Gulf Stream - Dan O'Toole (People's Choice Winner)             Trash Lamps - Jason Richards 















Dragon Skin - Ella Knight (made from retro saucepan lids)















Firepot - Stephen Dilger                       Necklace & Bracelet - Jeka Kaat














Mother's Friend - Gay Hawkes



Ring of Wire - Marguarite Stevens