SoHo Tip Shop and Ewaste Recycling

Tip Shops are a Hobart institution, and we feel honoured to be supported by the Hobart community who are our loyal customers and suppliers of goods!  The South Hobart Tip Shop is a not-for-profit run by the biggest workers co-opperative in Australia - Resource Work Cooperative. 

The tip shop has been opperating in South Hobart since 1993. Situated in the foothills of Tasmania’s dramatic Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, it is also in close proximity to two more Hobart icons - the Cascade Brewery and, one of the State’s most poignant reminders of Australia’s convict history, the Female Factory.

The Tip Shop is our primary retail outlet for selling reusable and recycled goods. We have a good working relationship with City of Hobart which enables our Resource Co-op Workers to salvage directly from Hobart landfill 3 times each day.  We lift, load, sort, price and sell what is recovered at the South Hobart Tip Shop.  The Co-op currently employs 32 local workers.

We encourage customers and tip users to drop off their reusables before going to the tip face. Please visit our convenient drive-through recovery area and talk to a Resource worker about what we can take.

The Resouce Tip Shop is located at the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre at the end of McRobies Road in South Hobart, Tasmania.


our ewaste capacity is reduced due to fire

we are only able to accept computers at this time.

we hope to return to full capacity ASAP and will keep you informed via our website.

Ewaste Recycling

Pre-processing Ewaste locally, onsite ensures:

  1. Maximum re-use potential for functioning electrical goods
  2. Lower carbon miles
  3. Guaranteed recycling to Australian standards of goods covered by the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Plus, it creates local jobs, and we all like jobs!  Please see our eWaste infosheet for more info on what constitutes Ewaste under the scheme. ewasterecyclinginfosheet.pdf