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Exhibitor Information 2020

Welcome to Art From Trash. 

Entries Now Open 

Entries Close Midnight May 10, 2020

Please remember our motivation in running this event is to educate people in the potential value of what we throw away, within an artistic context, to reduce waste and help save the world. If in the process artists get to sell their work and make some money and we get a little off the top to support the costs of running the event then so much the better.

Online applications reduce paperwork considerably and allows us to concentrate on other priorities to make the exhibition great. If a paper version is the only way you can enter send your addresss by email to and we will mail you one. 

Opening Night - Friday 22 May 

You and your guests are invited to the opening night soiree held on the Friday before the exhibition opens at the Long Gallery starting at 6.00pm. 

  • Artwork must be delivered to venue  
  • Artwork can be collected from the venue

Venue: Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place


  • People's Choice - All artworks are automatically eligible for this award
  • Trash Rats - Works made by young people 18yrs and under.
  • Worn Issues - Wearable Art Award.
  • AFT 25 - Works incorporating an element of silver. (In honour of 25 years of Art from Trash)

How to Enter: 

  1. Read this page to the end :)
  2. Pay your entry fee through the Trybooking link 
  3. Click on the online application link and complete

Entry Fee:

  • $25 for a single artwork under 1.2m square
  • $50 for all larger single works up to 2.5m square (if it's really huge get in touch first)
  • All payments are online through Trybooking. Credit card and booking fees apply

If you are entering multiple works:

Each work must have it's own entry form and fee paid unless your exhibition entry is not for sale and can be displayed close together under 1.2m then you can enter them as one work. 

If your artwork is for sale and is a series of smaller pieces, for example jewellery, or smaller items with a combined sale value of under $150 then you can enter it as one work. Therefore if your artwork is a series with a combined value greater than $150 then each item needs it's own entry form and fee paid. If your work is somewhere in between or you are now really confused email first to check/negotiate. I am sure you can appreciate our efforts to be fair.

Commission: The comission amount payable to Resource on the sale of items remains at 25% for the first item sold and 35% for any subsequent sales. 

Artworks should be delivered:


Please remember it is the responsibility of all artists to deliver or arrange delivery of their artworks during this time only. Late artworks will not be accepted.

Artworks should be collected:


Venue: Long Gallery | Level 2 | Salamanca Arts Centre | 77 Salamanca Place

Please remember that a $50 per day fee is applied for artworks not collected on time. It is the artists responsibility to bring appropriate packing materials.

Conditions of Entry

  • All artworks are to be made from predominantly discarded/salvaged materials.
  • All artworks are to be the original work of the artist/s.
  • All delivery and pick-ups are the responsibility of the artist/s.
  • A fee of $50 per day will be charged to artist/s for each artwork not picked up on the specified day.
  • All artworks are to remain at the Long Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.
  • All sculptural work must be safe and freestanding. Plinths are limited at the gallery. If you provide your own it must be painted flat white and safe to handle.
  • All artwork to be hung on walls must be supplied with eyelets to allow the use of the gallery hanging system.
  • Resource Work Cooperative Soc. Ltd. will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any artworks during the exhibition.
  • Artists are advised to insure their own artwork against loss or damage for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Resource Work Cooperative Soc. Ltd. reserves the right to photograph artworks in the exhibition for further use, including posting images on the internet. Artists will be acknowledged.
  • Resource Work Cooperative reserves the right to reject any artworks not deemed suitable or appropriate for the exhibition.

Contact email if you have questions: