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our community pick up service is back!!  

1. Commercial/ Industrial Collections: Urban Salvage

Resource runs a dedicated service for builders and home renovators - Urban Salvage. Urban Salvage can offer resource recovery from your site for free, removing any item that is re usable or recyclable for resale back to the public at an affordable price.

We can offer advice on source separation and what materials are acceptable, we can provide free materials removal from your site, we can drop off and pick up skip bins (fee applies) for different resources and waste items, and we can save you money on your dumping fees!

For more information, see the flier below, or contact us directly:

Ph: 1300 575 866



2. Household Collections: Community Pick-Up

With the support of the Tasmanian Community Fund, Resource’s Community Pick Up Service runs a FREE collection service for reusable goods, including residential and commerical pickups. We collect goods from the Greater Hobart area - get in touch and see how we can help!

Ph: 1300 575 866

3. Deliveries

If you can't take it with you, we offer a delivery service for your larger purchases. Deliveries start from $30.00, please speak to our friendly counter staff to find out more.